Thursday, January 28, 2016

4 Stellar Customer Reviews For Paradise Tropical Restaurant & Bar

Paradise Tropical Restaurant and Bar had a fantastic 2015 season, all thanks to our incredible staff and amazing customers. As the best waterfront restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks, we're excited winter is nearly over and we can begin preparing for the 2016 season! Before we get too ahead of ourselves, though, let's look back and see what some of our customers said about our restaurant in 2015.

1. "Awesome view and drinks with decent food.  Very easy to leave and enter for boat parking because it's at a wide part of the lake.  Has jet ski parking." 

May 2015 - Travis

Thanks, Travis! We love our location on the water; it's perfect for all boat sizes to come and go. the view is spectacular and our restaurant and bar are perfect for a relaxing day/night out in paradise.

2. "Great Lakeside place to come for a bite of food and a drink! Melaina was a fantastic server. Give the place a try!"

June 2015 - Mike

Mike, We love it when you name drop our staff. They deserve all the recognition they can get, they really do an amazing job. Thank you for your generous review!

3. “This has to be my favorite lake restaurant. It is fun, I just like the layout and menu of this restaurant. We like tenderloins and this is definitely one of the best. It seems to be easy to park our boat which is pretty large (50')”
October 2015 - Patti

Patty, the tenderloin is one of our favorites too! We take a lot of pride in how our Lake of the Ozarks' waterfront bar and restaurant is designed, and it shows with rave reviews like yours. Thank you for your review.

4. “Good food, great ambiance. I love the fact that this place is super accessible by boat. In fact, it's easier to get to via boat than a car! What we had to eat was better than the food a lot of chain restaurants serve. And yeah, you'll pay a little more here, but in my opinion, you're paying extra for the ambiance. I felt like it was worth it. We had the Irish nachos, French dip, and the blackened chicken sandwich. All were fantastic.

P.S. Go between 4 and 10 pm in order to access the whole menu!”

September 2015 - Trey

Irish nachos are a popular dish at our restaurant. We really enjoy preparing food that brings home the tropical paradise feeling. With live music on the weekends, we strive to create a unique blend of fun and a professional dining experience.

We Look Forward to Seeing YOU in 2016!

The reviews are in -- our customers loved Paradise Tropical Restaurant and Bar last season! A combination of our location, menu, and live entertainment helped make us the #1 water bar at Lake of the Ozarks in 2015. The only way we can top such a successful year is to make 2016 even better, with more music, more drinks, and MORE FUN! Help us have another amazing season by bringing your friends and family to our little taste of paradise at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Come out to the BEST Waterfront Restaurant at Lake of the Ozarks... where EVERY day is just another day in Paradise!!

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430 Tropical Trail
Sunrise Beach, MO 65079

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3 Fun Things to Look Forward to in 2016!

some incredible memories were made in 2015 at our waterfront bar at Lake of the Ozarks. Thanks to our fantastic customers, we had a great season at Paradise! What does the 2016 season have in store for you? Our spring opening of course! Let's take a look at what's coming up at Lake of the Ozarks' best waterfront restaurant next year!

1. More Live Entertainment

The best bar at Lake of the Ozarks is known for its amazing live entertainment options. Last year we brought in some of the finest cover bands and local groups to keep all of our customers rocking and jamming all night long! This year, we're going after even more musicians, making 2016 a year to remember. More live music, more entertainment and more fun at Lake of the Ozarks' best restaurant on the water!

2. Amazing Menu Items

Paradise Tropical Restaurant just wouldn't feel like paradise if the food wasn't mouthwatering. For 2016, we're bringing back all our favorite menu items, from the popular Irish Nachos to our Cajun Fried Lobster. Come out and try the amazing Crab & Macadamia Nut Won Tons, complete with a sweet Thai chili sauce. If crab isn't your style, try our mouthwatering buffalo wings. Careful - they have a spicy kick!

3. Full-Size Water Bar

Going out on the boat isn't complete without stopping by our waterfront bar for an ice cold drink with your friends. Try one of our famous Mexican Bulldogs, or settle for one our frozen fruity drinks with a kick. There's a cocktail for even the most adventurous drinker at Paradise Tropical Restaurant.

Paradise is only a few months away!

The Lake of the Ozarks' best waterfront restaurant is opening its doors in April 2016! That should give you all the time you need to come up with a good excuse for the boss - skip work and come relax with us in the spring. We look forward to an amazing 2016 season, and most importantly, we look forward to spending it with our customers!

Come out to the BEST Waterfront Restaurant at Lake of the Ozarks... where EVERY day is just another day in Paradise!!


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430 Tropical Trail
Sunrise Beach, MO 65079