Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Awesome Ways To Celebrate National Lazy Day

If you've been having trouble getting into the swing of productivity today, we've found the reason why... Today (Monday, August 10th) is National Lazy Day! It's the perfect day to kick back, relax, lounge by the pool, go floating on the Lake, or do anything else that your little hearts desire. Your friends at Paradise Tropical Restaurant Bar & Grill are here to help you brainstorm some awesome ways to celebrate National Lazy Day.

1. Listen To "The Lazy Song" By Bruno Mars
This one may seem a bit obvious, but we had to start somewhere. This song is wildly popular for a reason - it appeals to our inner desire to be lazy and not do anything! We're always so busy rushing from thing to thing, but today is our chance to set it all aside and revel in doing nothing. Crank up The Lazy Song to get you in the mood!

2. Watch Funny Animal Videos On YouTube
Nothing helps wile away the hours like watching hilarious animals trip, fall, or get attacked by a nap - and it looks like everybody knows it. Videos with animals are always a huge hit with viewers all across the world. If you're trying to figure out where to get started, try this one! It's one of our favorites.

3. Stay In Your PJ's
Nothing says "Lazy Day" like lounging around in your pajamas all day! After all, why get dressed when you're just going to have to change back into your pajamas at nighttime? Do yourself a favor and embrace your inner laziness by hanging out in your comfiest clothes all day long.

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4. Watch Movies
When is the last time you treated yourself to a movie marathon? If you haven't watched more than one movie at once in a long time, today is the perfect opportunity to do it! Comedy, action, horror, drama, musical... Pick your favorite genre and get started.

5. Come Out To Eat At Paradise!
If there's one thing you definitely should not do on National Lazy Day, it's cook your own dinner. As the best waterfront restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks, we're happy to cook you dinner any day - but especially today! Come on out to Paradise Tropical Restaurant and treat yourself to your favorite appetizer, burger, or dinner entree. Oh yeah - and don't forget to top it off with one of our delectable sweet treats! Our Key Lime Pie is the perfect tropical way to end your Lazy Day.

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