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10 Things To Pack For A Fall Day On The Lake

It's hard to believe fall is officially here already. Another summer season may have come and gone, but we aren't ready to winterize the boats and put away the flipflops quite yet! We still have several days of beautiful fall weather ahead of us, at the team at Paradise Tropical Restaurant hopes you'll be here to enjoy them with us. We're still open seven days a week, so jump in the boat and come on out to the best waterfront restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Autumn is a special time at the Lake. The crazy summer crowds are gone, leaving the locals and the die-hard weekenders with the Lake to themselves. If you're one of the lucky people who still get to enjoy the water during this unique time of year, you know what an awesome experience it is!

Things To Pack For A Fun-Filled Day On The Lake

No matter what the season is, there are a few staples that you should never leave your dock without. Here are a few quick reminders of what some of these items are.

1. Life Jackets
Boaters are required by law to have one life jacket readily accessible for every passenger on board, and children under the age of seven are required to wear their life jackets. Don't get caught without one!

2. Bottled Water
Being out in the sun is a blast, but it can also make it easy to become dehydrated. Keep everyone healthy and safe by always keeping a cooler of extra bottles of water on hand.

3. Cell Phone
Most of us have our phones within reach every hour of the day, so this is probably a no-brainer for most people. Nonetheless, consider this a friendly reminder that you should always have a cell phone with you in case of emergencies while on the boat.

4. Boaters License & Registration
These documents are absolutely essential. If you are stopped by the water patrol, you have to be able to present these documents to law officials. Make sure you always have them with you!

5. Sunglasses
Visibility is crucial in order to be safe on the water. No matter what the outdoor temperature is, sunlight reflecting off the water can be blinding. It's important to always keep an extra pair of sunglasses on hand.

6. Towels
Even if you're trying to stay dry, it's easy to get wet when you're on a boat. Go ahead and toss a few extra towels on board with you - you might be glad you did! While you're at it, you may want to throw in an extra change of clothes and/or pair of shoes.

7. Orange or Red Flag
Missouri law requires boaters to display a bright orange or red flag to warn other boaters that someone is in the water. Even if you aren't planning on swimming or skiing, you should always keep a flag in your boat in case of emergencies.

Things To Pack For A Fall Day On The Lake

As the season changes and the temperature drops a little bit, you'll want to add a few other things to your packing list. Specifically, you'll want to include...

8. Jackets
Riding on a boat with the wind in your face is a lot of fun, but it can also be a little chilly. Make sure everyone stays warm and comfortable by tossing a few jackets in with you before you leave.

9. Blankets
Whether you're looking for practical warmth or a chance for a little bit of romance, blankets are a must-have when boating at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you plan to be on the water a lot this fall, go ahead and designate a few "boat blankets" to leave in the vessel at all times.

10. Extra Towels
When it's hot outside, using a damp towel might not be such a bad thing. When it's cold outside, however, using a wet towel is highly unpleasant. Keep your crew warm and toasty by making sure you have plenty of dry towels on hand.

Happy Boating!

We have you and your friends and family have a great time out on the water! Next time you take the boat out, come see us at the Lake of the Ozarks' best lakefront restaurant and bar. We have an amazing selection of delicious food and incredible drinks - PLUS several flat-screen TVs broadcasting all of your favorite sports teams. Let's make this a fall to remember at the Lake!

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